Hi. So, had no other business out there just nosing on somebody’s blog eh? Well, you just got into the wrong site and probably try hitting the “close tab” button for stuffs in here are nothing of enjoyable interest. Uh-oh, did I sound so rude by that? I don’t mean to, I’m just saying, you might find this blog so boring ( a fact I won’t oppose) and have your time idled.

By the way, this is a renovated blog. Once upon a time there were gibberish posts here that I’ve decided to throw to trash. I decided to renovate this blog because first, I can’t delete it, impossibly ridiculous; second, there is somebody out there making this site a laughing stuff which is way out of its purpose ( Hi dude! If you know what I mean 😛 ); and lastly I just felt like blogging again after an eon – cuz I’m an Accountancy student – I simply have nothing but time. This is supposed to be a personal blog; of course posts here will be helluva lot about me.

Things, events, places that entice my mind to write something about, are just some of the topics found here. I’m not good at writing though, as a matter of fact expressing is not my thing. I always find it hard to convey what I really feel and i cant construct the exact line to tell what I really want to say. For that cause, with this blog I could somehow spit all of those stuffs that are lingering in my mind.

So, if you’re going to hang about in this place, just bear with all the dramas. Have a great day!


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