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I’m the blogger. My friends call me “Harl” while my family, just “Harlly Mae”. I’m not that fond of my name. I mean, why Harlly? And the heck with Mae? For me it doesn’t blend well or something, I just don’t like it. Others would say its unique and that its cute – yeah, cute – for it sounds like that big bike or motorcycle. I’m not that pleased when I randomly Googled my name and saw vareity of motorcycles.

Anyway, before this self – discrimination part brings down my mood, I’ll just let this name-thing pass. I’m 18 years old, which is not obvious cuz my height says I’m not. Well, I’ve accepted such fact long time ago. Though it actually bothers me sometimes. My face is . . . a face, no matter what looks like, still a face. LOL. I just don’t have the energy describing it. And then I have this naturally messy hair.

I’m one of the ordinary people with the ordinary life. Living and going with it. I am pretty satisfied about the things that surround me – family, school, friends, etc. I can’t say I’m complete though, it’s a hard thing to ponder, but I can say I’m happy.

But I admit I feel little insecurities about others and discontentment with myself, like, I wish I am 3 or 5 inches taller (is that too much to ask?), I hope I’m smart like Ms. Intelligent in the class, I wish I always look good all the time like my fave celebs etc and etc – all that desperate thinking stuffs, and I’ll end up feeling bad after thinking of such things. Anyway since then I’ve always known that the outer shell doesn’t really matters; I just learned very recently the whole concept of it, that what is important is the inside. I go for substance now.

I’m the type who rants about stuffs that I like and everything that strikes me. I love talking. I always like to have companion. Its just that I feel so isolated when I’m alone. That is why I go along  with different bunch of people. It doesn’t matter to me what they are fond of what they do etc. As long as they are, you know, the not-doing-srsly-bad-stuffs people. LOL.


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